The Nylon Rope Sculptures of Mozart Guerra

Mozart Guerra

Born in Recife, Brazil, in 1962, Mozart studied architecture at University Federal of Pernambuco and obtained his degree in 1986. He worked as a set designer for theatre, cinema, and TV in Brazil while developing in parallel his work as a sculptor.

Mozart has been living and working in Paris since 1992 and has taken part in several individual and collective exhibits in art saloons and art galleries in Brazil, France, Canada, Germany, Belgium, Portugal, Spain, Luxemburg and Italy.

Possible Ways Other Charities Can Adapt the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Who said helping others couldn’t be fun? Or shouldn’t be a public spectacle? Perform a challenge or make a donation, record it, and then challenge your friends on Facebook! don’t forget to hashtag it, because that’s what makes opinions count!

Lung/Mouth/Throat Cancer Awareness: Dump a bucket of chew spit on yourself, or donate $100

Bulimia Awareness: Dump a Bucket of Vomit on yourself or donate $100

Veteran’s Affairs Reform: Dump a bucket of oil on yourself or donate $100

Health Care Reform: Dump a bucket of blood on yourself and run into an ER, or donate $100

Sexual Assault Awareness: Dump a bucket of semen on yourself, or donate $100*

*not to be confused with the Porn Industry’s annual Bucket-O-Bukkake fundraiser for inner-city music education.

Diabetes Awareness: Dump a bucket of high fructose corn syrup on yourself, or donate $100

Crohn’s Disease Awareness: Dump a bucket of gluten* on yourself, or donate $100

*99.99% of you will be FINE, shut up already. You don’t have a gluten-allergy.

Police Fundraiser: fuck them, I already “donated” like $200 in parking tickets this month.

Parkinson’s Awareness: If you have tits, you have to whip them out and shake them. If you don’t*, an attempted Truffle Shuffle will substitute, or donate $100

*like seriously don’t. tit-havers found truffle shuffling despite having a solid pair, don’t understand the true nature of charity, and can go to hell.

Breast Cancer Awareness: Dump a bucket of certified Pink Ribbon (TM) label yogurt on yourself, or donate $100 directly to Danon.

Gay Rights Awareness: Dump a bucket of rhinestones on yourself, or donate $100

Lesbian Rights Awareness: Dump a bucket of flannel on yourself, or donate $100

Transsexual Rights Awareness: Dump a bucket of erotic novelty pasta (cooked) shaped like whatever type of genitals you prefer on your head, or donate $100

Asexual Rights Awareness: Fuck it, who are you trying to impress? Go buy a video game.

Global Civil & Ethical Rights Awareness: Dump a bucket of kimchi on yourself, or donate $100

Humane Society Awareness: Dump a bucket of bird seed mixed with honey on yourself, or donate $100

PETA Awareness: Dump a bucket of red paint on a PETA member, carry on with your day

Drug Prevention and Awareness: Dump a bucket of rainbows on yourself, cause you’re tripping balls. or donate $100 in stolen TVs to your local drug dealer

Prostate Cancer Awareness: Dump a big bucket with just a teensy amount of pee in it on yourself, or donate $100

Republican National Convention: Dump a bucket of human shit on yourself. Demand $100 back
(Republicans Can’t Work The Internet)

Democratic National Convention: Dump the same bucket of shit on yourself, but act like you’re into it. Demand $50 of that republican’s $100

Autism Awareness: Expose yourself to meningitis, or donate $100

NAACP Fund: Write a check for $100, with a little memo about how you have a black friend

Preservation of White Culture: Dump a bucket of gasoline on yourself, and have a cigarette.

Foster Care System: Dump a bucket of LEGOs on yourself, and then pick them up and give it to kids in foster care. I bet they’d actually really appreciate having a bucket of LEGOs, you dick.

Women’s Rights Awareness: Dump a bucket of ice cream on yourself, and please god shut uuuupppp already

Men’s “Rights” Awareness: Dump a bottle of acid on your face and think about how many women this has happened to

Local Homeless Aid: volunteer for one shift at a local soup kitchen, or donate $100